My wife’s home burned down when she was a young girl living with her parents. So, needless to say, she was always very careful about trying to make sure that did not happen in our house after we were married. But one day, some electrical wiring in the wall caught fire, and we lost our home. My wife was distraught. I immediately shuttled her into the car and told here that we were going to look for some Denver luxury apartments to move into right away. I did not want her worrying about where we would live or that we would be living in a place that was not up to her standards.

We drove around looking at a variety of places, and then my wife began to cry. I realized then that it was up to me to not put so much pressure on her to find a place. So, I stopped the car and looked up “luxury apartment rental” with an Internet search on my phone, and found a rental agent nearby who could help us. She welcomed us to her office immediately, and I told her what had happened. I told her that we wanted a great place that would allow us to move in immediately, and that we did not want to look at many places in order to have that happened. She knew the perfect place for us.

We jumped into her car, and she took us to a place that is spectacular. Each unity feels and looks like you are living in a home of your own. I had no idea that apartments could even be this nice. They were the epitome of luxury. My wife was delighted, so I signed a contract quickly. We were told that we could move in the very next day.

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