I went to stay with my aunt overseas and was fascinated with everyone around me. My parents and my aunt were originally born in Singapore, but my mother and father had moved to the US when I was very young, and that’s where I was born. It was a surprise then, when I found myself using Singapore home movers to move my belongings into a new place not long after I stayed with my aunt. It has been a great experience all around.

My parents were thrilled when they learned that my dad’s sister invited me to come visit her over the summer. They both knew that I had never been there before and felt that learning about the area would be really good for broadening my horizons. They had such a different life when growing up there, and they wanted me to have a taste of both worlds. I have to say that I really enjoyed my visit. I ended up staying there over the school year. My parents allowed it and my aunt got everything set up for me after we had such a good summer together. When I graduated, I realized that I was still not ready to come home. I wanted to try to live there on my own for about a year.

I had accumulated a lot of things over the time I stayed with my aunt. And she also gave me a lot of her old furniture. It was no trouble for her as she planned to get new furniture for a long time, and she was happy to give me her hand me downs. She was the one that told me which company to call to help get everything moved to my new place. They brought over a big truck and we filled it completely full.

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