I own a website that has amassed quite the following since the days of its inception. Sometimes the site slows down and has performance issues. The site is made with a special software called Magento. While looking for a way to speed up Magento performance on the site, I found another website that advertised a way to do exactly that. I need the website to operate at optimal efficiency at all times because I use the site to sell items to others through auctions. When people can’t bid on items because the website isn’t working correctly, they send their complaints to me.

The worst complaint I’ve gotten is when one person was trying to bid on a pair of sneakers and lost the auction. They sent me a long email about how it was my fault that they lost and they wanted to be compensated, even though they didn’t spend any money in the first place because they lost the auction. I apologized for their auction loss, but wouldn’t agree to give them any compensation. I did offer to give them a $5 credit that they could use on any auction, but they declined and told me that they would use another website.

It’s not the anger in those kinds of complaint emails that hits me the most. It’s knowing that I’ve lost a customer that really stings. There’s probably no way that I can convince that customer to come back to my website, unless I put some really enticing item up for bids. That customer wouldn’t be the first one that I lost, but I hope with the software performance upgrades, I can prevent the loss of any future customers. There are quite a few websites out there that auction items, so I can’t afford to have customers leave for the competition.

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