The whole idea that I have involves the fact that I have never really liked to have other people tell me what I have to do. No one really does I am sure, we only let people boss us around because there is no practical way to get around it. I have been thinking about ways to work for myself and thinking about taking graphic design courses in Singapore and learning how to design web pages for that reason. Like any other plan there are holes in it, the big thing is that you have to do more than make the web page. For starters you need to go out and find the people who are going to pay you to design a web page. That is a lot more difficult than posting an ad on a bulletin board or simple advertising methods on the web. It is in fact probably something that would perhaps require a full time employee.

That really sort of kills the entire idea of working alone in a spare room of your house. However it is obvious that this is the sort of idea that really fits with the objective that I have. The truth is that you need to figure out if you are going to be the right type of person to do the work as well. I need to learn if this would be something that I would be happy to spend the rest of my life involved in doing. It is not going to be a great thing to spend a couple of years learning this stuff and then finding out that it makes you miserable. The entire idea is to find a way that I can earn a living without having other people make me unhappy, it is not any better to do the same thing to myself.

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