I have replaced my director of marketing twice in the last three years. I should not have stuck with the last one as long as I did, but I thought I didn’t have any other options. The person I let go has all the right credentials and experience. However, she was lacking spirit and vision, two things that are very important for how I want my company managed. I don’t want someone who received a 4.0 throughout a marketing education if they cannot be creative with it. That is why I finally hired a marketing headhunter to help me out.

I wasn’t sure that this was the right route either, to be honest. Anyone in business knows that headhunters exist, but I had no experience with them myself. I had never been approached by one because I am at the top of the food chain in my company, and I had never gone to one to find the right candidate for a job opening. When I started looking at cookie cutter resumes though for the director of marketing position, I knew that I had to get creative in my own endeavors as well.

I went online and did a quick search for headhunters, and that is how I found the company that I ended up using to find me my new director of marketing. I read a good bit about them before bringing them on board to help me. I wanted to make sure that they actually delivered on their word, and they do exactly that. I told them my requirements, and they were able to compile a short list of great candidates for the position. Of those five people, I interviewed two of them. One was an instant connection, and I gave her the position almost immediately. She has something that I have not seen anyone in her position have before, and that is promising to me!

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