I finally have the money to get my own place, and I can tell you that I think that I have had enough of the two guys I have been sharing this old house with. They are good guys and I like them well enough under most circumstances, but living with them has become a bit too much because of schedules differing. I have to get up early every week day morning and the two of them are getting off work the time that I go to bed. I am not looking for the best apartments in Taylorsville UT, but I want something that is close to my new office building in that part of Salt Lake City. In fact I would love it if I found a place that was literally close enough to walk to the office from it. I would not do that, but obviously I mean that I would love to be able to roll out of bed, eat, shower, shave and get dressed, then get to the office in as short a time as possible. I really would love it if I could get a little more sleep every morning.

Right now it is really hard to get any sleep. My roommates get home and they do not want to go to bed right away. A lot of the time they bring home girls and then they will drink beer and stay up all night. I was right there with them when I was working the same sorts of jobs that they have now, so it is not like I can get all sanctimonious about it. I love to drink beer and dance with girls too and I do it when the boss does not expect me at my desk bright and early the next morning.

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