Will the Game App Industry Exceed the Console Game Market?

A good app can get you millions of potential new customers. There are game apps, store apps, utility apps and more. A game app that sells for .99 cents can make you a millionaire overnight if the game is popular. Some apps are free and have in-app purchases. The users get a lot of freebies, and there are things that they can buy that can increase their experience. We had an app developer in Singapore help us with a game idea that we had. The users are able to download it and play it for free. They can buy small incentives in the game to increase their experience in the game if they desire. We find that if a user sticks around and plays for a set number of days, then they are hooked on the game and will make purchases in the app. Multiplying this out over a percentage of our users is keeping our employees paid and app development moving forward.

I learned to outsource the coding of the app. This helps me keep costs to a bare minimum while keeping profits to a maximum. I never expected to earn enough money with my first app to practically be able to retire, but I discovered that it was entirely possible. If my family keeps its current lifestyle, I could retire soon. However, I have a liking for this kind of thing, and I have more apps I want to see developed. The crowd source of funding is amazing. The console games are fifty bucks a piece or more. Game apps for Android and iOS can run about a buck or two and earn the developer millions. People have much less of a problem spending a buck or two on a game than going out and buying one for a game console. Kids can much more easily talk their parents into a couple of bucks on a credit or debit card than getting them to go an buy them a console game too. I am getting our market share while this industry is booming!

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