The Only Drawback to the New House Was It Only Had Cable TV

We bought a house. It is only 10 years old. It did not need anything for us to move in. It was that great of a fit. Well, there was one thing that had to be changed. We had cable TV only at the new house. We wanted satellite TV so I found to switch from the old service to our familiar and well liked and enjoyed satellite service. We had lived for the last three years in a house that my grandfather owns. He moved into a smaller place and asked us to live in it until he decided to sell it. He knew we were not interested in buying it, but the rent was cheap so we stayed. He already had satellite service there in his name so that is what we used and liked a lot.

Now at our new house we bought, we signed up for service in our name and got a whole lot of new features and fancy new equipment. Things have come a long way in just a few years with satellite TV. Now you can have one main box and tiny little extra boxes that go to all of your other TV sets. The cool thing is that everything on the main box is fully accessible from all of the television sets in the house. You can watch any PPV or DVR program that is on the main box. If you are watching something in one room, you can pick it up exactly where you left off in another room.

The DVR also has a huge recording capacity. It stores enough movies and TV shows that if that was all you had to watch, you would have a lot of TV viewing time. Most of what we watch is on the DVR. We rarely ever watch something as it is being aired. Except for the news that is, and sometimes we even record it. I do that with the late news if they are having a segment I really want to see. That way I can watch it in the morning. I really like our satellite TV service. It offers more than what the cable company does.

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